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In Jose DeCastro's Own Words

Admits to GHB Possession

People v. DeCastro (BA237023)
There was speculation, and Mr. DeCastro confirmed it in one of his live streams
Remember guys, I was prosecuted and persecuted, charged with five felonies, for this much GHB which, by the way, Bret Hart, Bret Hart's son, just did a video the other day that said everybody in the 90s did GHB. You bought it at the health nutrition store, which is where I bought it. I bought it from GNC, and then when GNC stopped selling it I bought it from a distributor over in Canada and, oh, Lord, that was worth charging me with five felonies. Eventually they got me down to this much and I got a diversion program that cost me a year and a half of my life.Jose DeCastro - December, 2022